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This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast Clint takes a look at what we learned from NFL Week 3, how MLB postseason is shaping up, and the winners and losers from Week 4 of the college football season. Plus we count down the ugliest NFL players of all time! It is a superficial and shallow Episode 44 that you do not want to miss!

Episode 44


Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • We are entering what I think is the most beautiful time of the year here in Denver.
  • The leaves are turning from green to gold. The days are warm. The nights are cool.
  • The Denver Broncos are in full swing.
  • And we don’t have to watch the Colorado Rockies much longer.
  • Ahh yes, there is nothing like fall in the Mile High City.
  • Did you hear there is going to be an ESPN 30 for 30 profiling former University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney?
  • McCartney has some controversial views, but he was the man that was solely responsible for bringing about one of the greatest eras in Colorado collegiate football history.
  • And by “one of” I mean “the only” significant era in Colorado collegiate football history.
  • Decades and decades of 6-5 don’t really count as “significant”. Sorry.
  • The Broncos are now 3-0 but I keep hearing the experts saying that the Broncos can’t possibly win with Peyton Manning at the helm.
  • “He is too old and he looks to be in constant pain when he throws the ball.”
  • They might be right.
  • Of course they are the same people telling us that Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill were the future of NFL quarterbacking.
  • And forgive me for my skepticism but I saw Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Mark Rypien win Super Bowls.
  • Don’t tell me it can’t happen.
  • And this defense is good.
  • Speaking of things that don’t make sense.
  • I guess I could go all kinds of different places in the sports world with that segue, couldn’t I?
  • But I was referring to the Chicago Bears facing the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.
  • Former Broncos coach John Fox had his Bears “really battling” against the NFC Champs from the past two seasons.
  • The undermanned Bears finally succumbed 26-0.
  • Except, they didn’t even try to compete.
  • The Bears had 10 possessions in the game. They punted all 10 times.
  • They finished with 146 total yards.
  • They had no intention of winning.
  • They were simply in a battle to run out the clock and finish the game.
  • Good to see John Fox recycling his old gameplan from last season when the Broncos faced the Colts.

The Daly Dose Sports NFL Power Ranking Top 5

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Team/Record Last game/Next game Outlook
1. New England Patriots 2-0

Last week: 1

Last game: Beat Buffalo 40-32

Next game: Sun. vs. Jacksonville

The Patriots beat the Bills and Tom Brady racked up over 500 yards of offense against the Bills defense. You don’t see that kind of performance every day. It’s almost like he had a trick football or something.
2. Green Bay Packers 2-0

Last week: 2

Last game: Beat Seattle 27-17

Next game: Mon. vs. Kansas City

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers overcame injuries to RB Eddie Lacy and DE Josh Boyd to beat the Seahawks on Sunday night. Oh sure, NOW they beat them
3. Denver Broncos 2-0

Last week: 4

Last game: Beat Kansas City 31-24

Next Game: Sun. @Detroit

Despite riding around on a mobility scooter through the first two games Peyton Manning has the Broncos sitting at 2-0 with wins against the Ravens and Chiefs.
4. Cincinnati Bengals 2-0

Last week: unranked

Last game: Beat San Diego 24-19

Next game: Sun. @Baltimore

First the Bengals stomped on the Raiders 33-13 and then they beat the Chargers too. Maybe they can finally win a playoff game if they join the AFC West.
5. Arizona Cardinals 2-0

Last week: 5

Last game: Beat Chicago 48-23

Next game: Sun. vs. San Francisco

Quarterback Carson Palmer has started off the season red hot throwing for seven touchdowns already in just two games. Of course it was against the Saints and the Bears so it doesn’t really count.

No longer ranked:

Dallas Cowboys 2-0 Yes they are undefeated but if you want to bet on Branden Weeden, go right ahead.

The Daly Dose Sports Podcast Episode 43!

On Episode 43 of the Daly Dose Sports Podcast Clint breaks down the NFL Week 2. Who are the teams that crashed back to earth? Who is better than we thought? A look at the MLB Wild Card game and why it needs to be left alone. Who are the winners and losers from Week 3 in college football? And we count down the Top 5 impactful quarterback injuries in NFL history. Don’t miss Episode 43!

Episode 43


Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • The Denver Broncos have somehow found a way to win back-to-back games and start off the season 2-0 despite not getting much offense.
  • Imagine if this offensive line ever learns how to block.
  • Fans have been complaining that Peyton Manning gives up too easily when he is about to be sacked.
  • I would like to present the jury with the following items of evidence that he should continue to lay down on his own without being hit.
  • Item #1: Have you seen him run? I’ve seen a pregnant giraffe with more athleticism.
  • Item #2: Tony Romo
  • I have also heard a number of fans giving Chiefs head coach Andy Reid a hard time about not kneeling on the ball at the end of the half and the game.
  • At some point, don’t your players have to do something right?
  • Reid has always been horrible with clock management but he can’t actually put two hands on the football for Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles experiement with head coach Chip Kelly is clearly over. I mean, did you see the Eagles yesterday?
  • They can’t pass but at least they can’t run either.
  • So now they are two whole games behind the Cowboys who have lost both Dez Bryant and Romo and one game behind the Kirk Cousins-led team from Washington.
  • With only 14 games to go.
  • Okay, Chip Kelly might not be done quite yet.
  • Sorry I got caught up watching too much ESPN.
  • Did you see Colorado beat Colorado State in the “Rocky Mountian Showdown”?
  • Oh, you’re the one.
  • I tried to find that game with my local cable provider. It was sandwiched between “BBC: Bad Teeth of the Brits” and the “Cupcake Contest” channel.
  • I heard that after Alabama lost to Ole Miss people in Alabama have decided that Bama head coach Nick Saban is slipping.
  • I mean, they haven’t played for a championship in what? Nine months?
  • Must be tough.
  • Here in Colorado we haven’t even been to a meaningful bowl game in like 13 years. You don’t hear us complaining.
  • As long as we have the Broncos to watch.
  • I like to compare the Rocky Mountain Showdown to the the Dungeons & Dragons World Championship.
  • Yes you may have won, but trust me, you’re still a loser.

The Daly Dose Sports College Football Top 5

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Who are the top 5 college football teams in the country? Don’t take the word of some coaches that have other things to do on Saturday The Daly Dose has you covered! Here are the Top 5 teams in college football today.

Team/Record Last game/Next game Outlook

1. Ohio State 2-0

Last week: 1

Last game: Beat Hawaii 38-0

Next game: Sat. vs. Northern Illinois

The Buckeyes trounced poor Hawaii on Saturday. You won’t really need to watch this #1 column for a few weeks as the Buckeyes now play no one even remotely decent until October.

2. Michigan State 2-0

Last week: Unranked

Last game: Beat Oregon 31-28

Next game: Sat. @Air Force

The Spartans beat Oregon and jumped into our Top 5 this week…mostly as a big thank you for saving us from seeing the Ducks get thumped in another Championship game.

3. TCU 2-0

Last week: 3

Last game: Beat Stephen F Austin 70-7

Next Game: Sat. vs. SMU

The Horned Frogs finally showed some offense, granted it was against Stephen F Austin…but come on are they really that different from any other Big 12 defense?

4. Alabama 2-0

Last week: 4

Last game: Beat Middle Tennessee State 37-10

Next game: Sat. vs. #15 Ole Miss

Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban appears to be very angry at only being ranked #4 in the Daly Dose Top 5. Or maybe that’s just how he always looks.

5. Baylor 1-0

Last week: 5

Last game: Beat Lamar 66-31

Next game: Sat. vs. Rice

The Bears knocked off a national doughnut chain last week but this week they will really get a test with the always dangerous Rice Owls.

The Daly Dose Sports Podcast Episode 42!

This week Clint takes a look at Week 1 of the NFL and looks forward to Week 2’s better matchups. Breaking down he winners and losers in College Football and some games to watch on Saturday. Plus the Top 5 times we have overreacted to NFL Week 1. Don’t miss Episode 42!

Episode 42


Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • The NFL season is now underway and I think I have the league all figured out.
  • The Buffalo Bills and the St Louis Rams are headed to Super Bowl 50.
  • Peyton Manning can no longer play and should have retired 10 years ago.
  • Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota has the release of Marino, the poise of Montana, and the face of an angel.
  • The Seattle Seahawks are finished and will never be heard from again.
  • And the Oakland Raiders are still bad.
  • Of course Peyton Manning did face one of the top defenses from a year ago in a new offensive system and a rebuilt offensive line.
  • And Mariota will be the second coming of Joe Montana provided he can face the Buccaneers every single week.
  • And the Seahawks will probably get Kam Chancellor back, figure out their offensive line situation, and they will be right back in the playoffs.
  • And the Raiders are still bad.
  • By the way, the reason that Dolphins defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh and Bengals defensive back Adam “Pac Man” Jones weren’t disciplined after their plays on Sunday is because the league is afraid that their rulings would be overturned anyways.
  • And also because Suh is going to face Tom Brady twice this season.
  • And they are looking at two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean.
  • Big college football game here in Denver on Saturday as the University of Colorado faces off against their rival Colorado State.
  • And when I say “big” I mean big to the students and alumni of both schools and literally to no one else on the planet.
  • Both football programs are mediocre and have been for some time now.
  • Welterweight champion boxer Floyd Mayweather beat Andre Berto on Saturday night and has now retired at 49-0 matching former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano and he tied Joe Louis with his 26th world title victory.
  • Mayweather says he is content with that record and will never fight again.
  • You believe him, right?
  • By the way, if you paid for that horrible fight against an overmatched Berto, I have some ocean front property in Aurora to sell you.
  • What am I saying? If you actually paid for that fight you can’t read this anyway.

Daly Dose Sports Pro Football AFC West Preview

Our final NFL preview takes a look at the AFC West. Can Alex Smith throw a pass to a wide receiver? Can Peyton Manning fit into a new offense?  Will Philip Rivers have another child before I finish typing this sentence? And the Raiders…they still have a team, right?


Team Predicted finish Outlook
AFC West

Denver Broncos

11-5 The Broncos fired head coach John Fox and hired Gary Kubiak after the disappointment in the playoffs last season. Team President John Elway has made it clear that the goal is Super Bowl victory or bust. Of course you know QB Peyton Manning is going to prepare like he is a rookie every single year. Say what you will about the future Hall of Famer but success has not given him a swollen head. Nature did that.
Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 Tired of the inconsistent play of WR Dwayne Bowe the Chiefs allowed him to leave and instead signed the speedy Jeremy Maclin. They also have Jason Avant, TE Travis Kelce, and RB Jamaal Charles who should finally be fully healthy. Of course they will have QB Alex Smith shot-putting the ball out to them so does it really matter?
San Diego Chargers 9-7 After all of the talk about Philip Rivers leaving San Diego the Chargers were able to lock him up with a four year deal worth $65 million dollars. They also drafted RB Melvin Gordon out of Wisconsin to shore up their 30th ranked run offense. Drafting a running back out of Wisconsin with he hopes he can change your team…what could possibly go wrong with that? (Michael Bennett, Ron Dayne, Montee Ball, Terrell Fletcher, Brian Calhoun, Carl McCullough, Brent Moss)
Oakland Raiders 6-10 We keep hearing about how wonderful QB Derek Carr was as a rookie. Yet the Raiders ranked 32nd in total offense and rushing offense, 31st in scoring offense and their passing offense wasn’t much better coming in at 26th. I think this just shows how expectations in Oakland have changed. And to further prove that point is the fact that Raider fans are looking at this right now and saying “six wins would be awesome!”

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Daly Dose Sports Pro Football NFC West Preview

We now take a look at the NFC West one of the greatest divisions for defense in the NFL. And one that sets offense back 20 years.


Team Predicted finish Outlook
NFC West

Seattle Seahawks


Seahawks QB Russell Wilson said recently that Recovery Water, the supposed miracle water he invests in, kept him from getting a concussion last year in the NFC Championship game. Perhaps he should have dunked Pete Carroll’s head in Recovery Water when he sent in that dumb pass play at the two yard line with the game on the line.

Arizona Cardinals


In July head coach Bruce Arians hired Jen Welter as the first female coach ever in the NFL. Welter played 14 seasons of professional football and has a Master’s in sports psychology. She will work with the Cardinals inside linebackers as a coaching intern. Bringing on a female coach into the NFL coaching fraternity is very progressive. But they also have Carson Palmer as their quarterback, which is kind of regressive.

St Louis Rams


In three seasons under head coach Jeff Fisher the Rams have gone 6-10, 7-9, and 7-8-1. This season to get over the hump they traded away QB Sam Bradford for QB Nick Foles. Oh well, they will be California’s problem again soon.

San Francisco 49ers


The 49ers had the worst offseason in 49ers history. They lost their head coach Jim Harbaugh, OL Anthony Davis, DL Justin Smith, LB Patrick Willis, P Andy Lee, LB Chris Borland, WR Michael Crabtree, G Mike Iupati, CB Chris Culliver, CB Perrish Cox, and RB Frank Gore. Wow, they might have had the worst offseason in NFL history. Okay, maybe the worst offseason in pro sports history.

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