Daly Doses! Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • After a long six months we actually have football again! The Sunday Night NFL game between the Steelers and the Vikings drew a higher rating than the NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 6!
  • Isn’t it funny how we wait and wait for any type of football, and then when the preseason games start, we watch enthusiastically for about 30 seconds?
  • “Oh yeah…these are just practice scrimmages with backup players….never mind. I’m going to go eat some more barbecue.”
  • The Toronto Blue Jays have won 11 of 12 since acquiring former Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Where was all of this winning when you were still here, Mr. Tulowitzki?
  • Or is this more of a “we are a product of our environment” thing?
  • Here in the thin air of Denver people are talking about the “great prospects” that the Rockies got in return.
  • I have been hearing about “great prospects” since 1993 so pardon my skepticism.
  • Speaking of thin air…how is that “Deflategate” thing going?
  • It has been six months and I still don’t know anything.
  • The NFL has done a very poor job of presenting it’s case or assembling much in the way of evidence. And those supposedly “inflammatory” emails from Tom Brady were absolutely insignificant.
  • “Peyton Manning only has a year or two left?” and “The Broncos were stupid for trying to cover Gronkowski with Von Miller instead of a safety?”
  • Those aren’t exactly scathing statements. I probably sent those exact two emails to four different people. Verbatim.
  • Wake me up when we get to the juicy photo file.
  • I do have two very simple questions.
  • 1. Why are the Patriots ball boys suspended? If the Pats did NOTHING wrong as they contend then why are these poor suckers paying for doing nothing with their jobs and reputations?
  • 2. If you did absolutely NOTHING as you contend, why on earth would Patriots owner Robert Kraft accept a very stiff penalty ($1 million dollars and the loss of two draft picks) without any sort of appeal?
  • I may not know much…but I know one thing that rich guys do NOT do.
  • Give their money away.
  • RIP to Frank Gifford. Gifford was a 13 year NFL player with the New York Giants who made the Pro Bowl as a defensive back, a running back, and wide receiver. Gifford was a long time sports announcer following his playing career and a commentator for Monday Night Football for 26 seasons.
  • He was 84.
  • Of course, he was married to Kathie Lee Gifford for 28 years so he was really like 127.
  • Okay, so now can we get some REAL football now?

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