Pete Rose will bet you $200 bucks that he gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame

“Come on you suckers! Who wants some of this sweet action?” Pete Rose yells from the corner of 7th and Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati.

Yes, Pete Rose is betting again, it would seem.


With Major League Baseball hosting it’s annual All Star Game festivities in the Queen City this week; there were many that thought this could be a time of healing the broken relationship between Rose and the game that he played so well.

We all know the story about how Rose was given permanent ineligibility from baseball for accusations that he gambled on games while both playing and managing.

For years Rose vehemently denied all accusations and maintained his innocence.

In 2004 Rose finally admitted to betting on baseball games as well as other sports while managing the Reds but insisted that he only bet on his own team.

On June 15, 2015 ESPN concluded an investigation that determined that Rose had indeed bet on baseball while still playing as well.

Now it seems that Rose will just bet on anything.

“I bet you that you can’t find a place to park!” He yells at a driver passing by slowly.

“I’ve got 10 to 1 odds that this lady just had Botox!” he screams at another.

“People think I will never make the National Baseball Hall of Fame but I’ve got $200 right here that says I will!”

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