Cleveland fans “totally okay” with LeBron James opting out

For the third time in the past six years LeBron James will become a free agent. On Sunday word came out that he will bypass his $21.6 million player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers and enter free agency on July 1st.


James however, is not expected to talk to other teams and is widely thought to be re-signing with the Cavaliers once they finalize some deals to retain other players for their roster.

While the move is being viewed as James simply protecting himself, while forcing Cavaliers management to spend significant money to surround him with help, there is still that uneasy feeling that Cavs fans could be feeling a little nervous considering LeBron’s history.

In 2010 James opted out of his contract with Cleveland only to join the Miami Heat for four seasons as he “took his talents to South Beach.”

But fans of the Cavaliers have no such fears this time around.

I spoke to local Cavs fan and Cleveland native Todd Smolinski and he expressed confidence in LeBron’s re-signing with the hometown team.

“It’s just business.” he stated. “LeBron is just trying to make sure that Cavs management gives him some help, unlike this last season when he carried the team by himself.”

“He isn’t going anywhere.”

“By opting out he gets a little more money and it gives him some leverage to get Tristan Thompson and maybe Kevin Love or another player signed.”

“He wouldn’t leave Cleveland again.”

“No way.”

“Why? Have you heard something?”

“Oh my God! You’ve heard something!”

“Seriously, you have to tell me if you know something.”

“Is he leaving?”

“He’s leaving isn’t he? That — OF A —–!!!”

“He’s going to Miami again, isn’t he? I KNEW we should have traded up for Winslow!”

“Oh my God I hate him. I HATE LEBRON AND I HOPE HE DIES OF EBOLA!!! I am burning this jersey again!”


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