Two years later NBA finally approves George Karl for Mike Malone trade

Well it took two years but the Denver Nuggets finally got their man.


On Monday the NBA finally approved the trade between the Nuggets and Sacramento Kings swapping their head coaches.

The Kings receive George Karl who has 1,142 wins in his 20 year career that ranks him #6 all-time in NBA history. Karl won 423 games in Denver and led them to the playoffs in all eight of his seasons there.

The Nuggets meanwhile get Mike Malone who has coached 106 total games and has just 39 wins while coaching in Sacramento.

“We held this trade up for two years because we wanted to be sure that Nuggets ownership was serious. And that they weren’t using drugs.” said NBA comissioner Adam Silver. “But they maintained that they really did want Malone over Karl and the drug tests came back relatively clean. So we let it go.” he continued.

The move was surprising as it came on the heels of Karl being named the NBA Coach of the Year in 2013.

“We realize that trading George Karl for Mike Malone might not make much sense to the average fan but here in Denver we do things a little differently.” confirmed Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly. “We were disappointed that the trade took so long to be approved but now we look forward to dedicating ourselves to getting the top pick next year in the NBA Draft. Oops! I mean…we look forward to really trying hard and giving it our all. Can you delete that last part, please?”


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