After camera incident LeBron James looks for new Flop Coach

Following his incident with a television camera during Game 4 of the NBA Finals; word has spread that LeBron James may be firing his Flop Coach former NBA player Vlade Divac.


“I have enjoyed working with Coach Divac.” James said on Saturday “but that was a dangerous situation and I have no one to blame but him.”

The incident occurred during the second quarter of Game 4, when James was fouled by Warriors center Andrew Bogut and then inexplicably flung himself into the front row of cameras, cutting his head in the process. James didn’t miss a minute and returned to the game immediately but the damage was done.

“Flopping has become an integral part of the game and I want to be the best at it. So if you want to be the best at it you go get the best coach. I am talking to the former Brazilian soccer great Ronaldo to be my new coach. We will see how it goes.” James confirmed.

Is he worried about being fined by the NBA for flopping?

“Are you kidding me?” James scoffed. “I flop around like a fish out of water every game and I haven’t been fined since 2013. Believe me, they aren’t fining me. They wont even call me for traveling. And believe me I have dared them to call it.”


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