American Pharoah to race again?

Ahmed Zayat made some news Sunday morning when he said that he plans to race Triple Crown winner American Pharoah again in 2015.

While he hasn’t yet named the race, Zayat expressed a definite interest in running the American Throroughbred at least one more time. He stated that he would like “fans to still enjoy something” and would leave it up to trainer Bob Baffert as to which race he would run.

This news came as a surprise to Americn Pharoah who had been told that he would be put out to stud if he somehow won the elusive Triple Crown.

“He said what?!?!? I swear to you with God as my witness I will cut that man.” Pharoah responded. “As we are walking out to the gate for Belmont he is whispering into my ear “just win this one and you won’t have to run again. I dealt with the pressure. I dealt with the critics. And now he wants more? Come on man, line up them fillies. Let’s do some shots.”


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