Breaking News: Golden State Warriors concussion test revealed!

There has been much speculation recently about the Golden State Warriors medical staff and their concussion testing.

Both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson left playoff games against the Houston Rockets in the NBA Western Conference Finals and seemed to have suffered injuries that might involve concussion-like symptoms. Yet both players returned and we were told that each of the players passed the Warriors medical staff concussion test.

The Daly Dose has managed to retain a copy of the test that was given to both players. (See below)


Golden State Warriors Concussion Test

  1. What is your name? (Correct answer: 10 points)
  2. Where are you right now? (Correct answer: 10 points)
  3. How many fingers am I holding up? (Correct answer within three fingers: 10 points)
  4. Do you want to keep playing? (Yes: 10 points)
  5. Do you feel confused right now? (Yes: -10 points)
  6. Are you nauseous? (Yes: -10 points)
  7. Do you hear ringing in your ears? (Yes: -10 points)
  8. Do the bright lights irritate your eyes? (Yes: -10 points)
  9. Can you tell me the last three questions that I asked you? (Yes: 10 points)
  10. Are you playing well? (Yes: 50 points)

Grading Guide:

50 points or more: Player is definitely fine to return. Just say they had a scratch somewhere on their head.

40 points: Player is probably fine. Send them back to the bench area.

30 points: Player is ok. Put a towel over their head to let them rest on the walk back to the court to soothe them.

20 points: Player is capable of returning. (Encourage them)

10 points: Player is just being a drama queen. (LeBron James)


One thought on “Breaking News: Golden State Warriors concussion test revealed!

  1. I think it is time someone takes a hand and smacks LeBron across the face. I was shocked at the game last night when LeBron hit Stephin Curry. Is this what basketball is all about? If a team player can’t control his angry then he needs to sit down and suck his fingers while real men are on the floor trying to win a game.


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