Colorado Rockies GM Jeff Bridich says “no issue” with MGR Walt Weiss

Rockies+2Colorado Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich says that manager Walt Weiss is not in trouble and in fact he likes where the Rockies are right now.

Currently Colorado is 16-25 and dead last in the NL West.

“We clearly don’t mind being terrible.” He added. “In fact we prefer it. We wouldn’t even field a team if we didn’t have to but Major League Baseball is very strict about that. Believe me. We’ve asked.”

Don’t they even want to try to win?

“Not really.” Bridich answered. “It just creates false hope and we have learned that people come to Coors Field to hang out. They don’t even watch the games apparently because we keep trotting out these awful lineups and people just keep coming.  At some point we think they might catch on but they just keep coming. It’s awesome. We literally have no job performance standards! People keep showing up and giving us money for nothing. It’s amazing!”

Bridich concluded the interview by laughing maniacally and singing a few bars of the 80s song “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits.


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