Patriots trade for Jameis Winston

In a surprise move the New England Patriots have acquired newly drafted quarterback Jameis Winston in a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Patriots traded their first round draft pick in 2016 and their fourth round draft pick in 2017 for Winston.

“We just feel like with Tom out we needed to fortify the quarterback position and Jameis has a lot of attributes about him that make me think he is a prime candidate to do things “the Patriot Way.” head coach Bill Belichick stated to members of the local media.

The Buccaneers meanwhile felt like they really struck a bargain. “We really enjoyed picking first in this past draft and who knows? We could be picking first again. Plus, now we have another pick from the Patriots. I am giddy just thinking about it.” said Bucs general manager Jason Licht.

When would Belichick let Tampa know that the draft pick they have received has been taken from the Patriots by the NFL as part of the “Deflate-Gate” controversy?

“I feel like this is important because there have been questions raised and I believe now 100 percent that I have personally, and we as an organization, have absolutely followed every rule to the letter.” Belichick mumbled. “I just feel that on behalf of everyone in the organization, everyone that’s involved in this organization, that we need to say something.”

“Besides it’s the Buccaneers. They won’t figure it out for years.”


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