NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promises punishment for Patriots in the form of a firm but gentle hug

With the findings of the Wells report in, the NFL has discovered that the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots deliberately deflated footballs. The footballs were used during the AFC Championship Game in January and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was “generally aware” of the violations.

NFL Commissioner wasted no time in announcing a punishment that he deemed both “severe but fair”.

Brady, head coach Bill Bellichick, and team owner Robert Kraft will be the recipient of a “firm but gentle hug” from Goodell.

“Look they are the Super Bowl Champions but no one is above the law and I want to make it clear that we do not coddle rule breakers.” Goodell stated noting that the violators would have to travel to his office in NFL office in New York. Unless they “asked nicely”.

Would there be any words spoken during the hug?

“There might be a ‘there there, it’s okay’ uttered but believe me, it will be said with sternness and sincerity.” Goodell answered.


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