Shane Ray really really hoping to get drafted by Broncos

University of Missouri defensive end Shane Ray is really hoping to have his name called in the 2015 NFL Draft tonight. But even more than that he is hoping that his name is called by the Denver Broncos.

Is it the Rocky Mountain fresh air?

The scenic views?



“It’s the pot.” said Ray. “They have legalized marijuana. Are you kidding me? I just go to the store and pick some up? I am totally there.”

Ray was recently issued a citation for speeding and marijuana possession last week which may have hurt his draft status.

The Broncos will probably be looking to draft an offensive lineman tonight but that isn’t deterring Ray who really wants to live in Denver.

Would he like to play with Peyton Manning?

“Who?” asked Ray. “I don’t know who the mayor is there or anything…I just want some legal weed, bro.”