Kentucky Derby favorite American Pharoah compares himself to Secretariat

American Pharoah, a three year old colt from Kentucky, may be young but he definitely doesn’t lack for confidence. As odds for the Kentucky Derby came out this week, American Pharoah came out at 2-1, a heavy favorite. But that doesn’t bother the front running sprinter.

“Because I’m outspoken, I’m judged. But we’re all judged. I feel that the majority of the time when somebody sees me, they have a thought. Instantly. I don’t know if it’s a good thought or a bad thought, but it’s a thought.” he stated.

“Like I’ve said before, horses worry about being judged. Who is and who ain’t going to like you. The thing is it’s just as long as you like yourself.”

And he doesn’t mind comparing himself to one of the greatest horses of all time.

“Secretariat is the one that made you say, ‘You know what? I’m proud to be a horse.’ I know that me and Secretariat, right now, we would sit down and have a crazy conversation. He would say, ‘American Pharoah, you know, I’m better than you because I did this.’

“I would say, ‘well, Secretariat, I’m better than you because look at how many races I went to.’ But, you know, on the flip side, I feel like it’s just like me. I feel like I’m in the same shoes as Secretariat. They hate me. They hate me when I’m at the top, but once my career is over, they’re going to really miss me.”


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