LeBron James reflects on his many losses

As the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare for Game 2 of their seven game series with Boston; LeBron James was reflective on his past losses.

Was it his 22-7 series record in the postseason? Was it his 2-3 series record in the NBA finals?

No, it was the loss of his hair in bunches in his bathroom sink every morning.

“It started in high school.” LeBron said after Cavs practice on Monday. “So now that I’m older I think about every loss I’ve ever had, about how I had to wear my headband like a bonnet at times, and all those experiences helped me get to this point. I now have gotten on the Bosley hair treatment plan, and that helps, but I can’t wear my bonnet headband anymore or it will rub what hair I do have right off.”

“I worry about it each game, each day. Whether I win, lose or draw new hair on my head, you get the most out of each day, and if you get the most out of each day, I can be happy at the end of it.”