Tom Osborne thinks Lawrence Phillips “probably didn’t kill cellmate” declares him eligible for Nebraska season opener

Former Nebraska Cornhusker football star Lawrence Phillips has been named a suspect in the murder of his cellmate at a California prison officials stated on Monday.

Phillips, now 39, was one of the top players in the nation back in 1994 and 1995 when the Nebraska Cornhuskers won back-to-back national championships. He was arrested for beating up his girlfriend back in 1995 but was reinstated by head coach at the time Tom Osborne in time for the National Championship game. “I wouldn’t call it a beating.” Osborne stated.

Phillips had a short career in the NFL and is now serving a prison sentence of more than 31 years. He was convicted of choking his girlfriend in 2005 and drove his car into three teenagers after a disagreement later that same year.

Kern Valley State Prison now says that Phillips is the lead suspect in the murder of his cellmate Damion Soward who was found dead Saturday morning.

But Osborne once again has Phillips’ back. “I wouldn’t call it a murder.” Osborne reiterated. “And I have named him eligible to start in our season opener against BYU on September 5th.”

Osborne, now 78, is currently retired and has no authority to declare anyone eligible.


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