NBA rescinds Westbrook technical plus two losses

In a surprising move, the NBA has rescinded not only a technical foul against star point guard Russell Westbrook, but also by erasing two losses from the Oklahoma City Thunder record.

The Thunder, who were sitting just outside the NBA playoff picture in the ninth spot at 44-37 now have a firm hold on the eighth spot with their adjusted record of 46-35.

An NBA executive explained the move. “We looked at the replay of the Westbrook technical and we felt that it was completely undeserved. We also took a look at the Thunder game versus the Pacers, and felt that although Indiana won the game, Oklahoma City tried really hard. And that’s worth something. The other loss was to the New York Knicks back in January but we spoke to the Knicks and they were fine with it.”

The New Orleans Pelicans had previously been sitting at the eight spot as they held the tiebreaker over the Thunder.

“We are stunned” said Pelicans coach Monty Williams. “We won our games fair and square. How can the league just manipulate the standings like that? I mean, what’s next? Is the league going to swindle the Timberwolves out of the number one draft pick and award it to the Lakers?”


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