Tennessee Titans management sees some Tom Brady in Zach Mettenberger

Tennessee Titans coach Ken Wisenhunt and General Manager Ruston Webster believe they have the next great quarterback.
“We feel like Zach is a poor man’s Tom Brady. ” Wisenhunt stated. “And when I say ‘poor man’s’ I mean broke, dirty and homeless.  Not just like a down-on-his-luck Tom Brady. But a Tom Brady with no options and no hope. ”
The Titans selected Mettenberger with their 6th round pick of the 2014 NFL Draft and they believe that found a hidden gem.

Last season Mettenberger played in seven games throwing for eight touchdowns and seven interceptions as the Titans finished the year with a 2-14 record.

“Yes, I do see some Tom Brady in Zach.” said Webster. “I also see some Ashton Kutcher. And maybe some Kyle Korver. What I’m saying is Zach is a beautiful man. And the Titans are kind of an ugly franchise.  So we will take whatever we can get. “