Men’s college basketball struggling offensively because players are spending too much time in the classroom. Probably.

University of Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma recently made headlines when he stated that men’s college basketball is “unwatchable “.

“The bottom line is, nobody can score,” Auriemma told national media on a conference call. “And they’ll tell you that it’s because of great defense, great scouting, a lot of teamwork. Nonsense, nonsense. College men’s basketball is so far behind the times it’s unbelievable.”

What Auriemma apparently failed to realize is that these young men spend a number of hours in the classroom working on their college degrees.

“My players would love to work on their offensive skills more but the fact is they have book reports and term papers due.” Kentucky coach John Calipari retorted.

“These guys aren’t majoring in basketball.” Calipari went on “Karl Anthony-Towns is studying kinesiology and is hoping to become a doctor someday. Maybe Geno has players that are going to go on to lucrative professional basketball careers but my boys have to hit the books. They understand the importance of education.”