Daly Debate: Which tournament coach do you hate the most?

Coach John Calipari Mike Krzyzewski Bo Ryan Rick Pitino
School Kentucky Duke Wisconsin Louisville
Why you hate him He wins. A lot. He very well might be the Devil himself. He ruins your bracket every year. He is slowly turning into Lara Flynn Boyle.
Greatest moment Winning it all in 2012. Making a deal with himself to beat UNLV in 91. Making it to the Final 4 last year and ruining your bracket He took Providence to the Final 4. Seriously.
Worst moment The Nets Missing most of 95 when the Devil made him settle up. Pretty much every other year in March Madness Porcini’s 2003.
Memorable former player John Wall Christian Laettner Some white kid with a crew cut. Antoine Walker
Why he wins He’s probably paying his players. Flopping. Bores the other team to death with his glacier-like style. His teams are known for their stamina. Which is ironic.

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