Steve Nash “retires” from “playing basketball”

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash announced on Saturday, that due to health struggles, he will no longer be playing basketball after 19 seasons.

The announcement was met with some surprise because Nash hasn’t actually been playing basketball since 2012.

In a letter published on the Players’ Tribune website Nash wrote “”When I signed with the Lakers, I had big dreams of lifting the fans up and lighting this city on fire.”

Instead it was the Lakers’ salary cap that was set on fire.

The Lakers are currently strapped with paying Nash $9 million dollars in dead cap space.

When asked if he would struggle with the adjustment of being out of basketball Nash was pensive. “Not really. Tomorrow I will go to the beach like I do every week. Then I will play soccer with my children, visit the hairdresser, and watch Ellen. It’s business as usual, really.”

Wasn’t it tempting to stick around and collect those big checks even though he is physically incapable of playing anymore?

“No, I can’t keep doing that.” He answered thoughtfully. “I’m not Kobe.”


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