John Calipari forgets to RSVP Kentucky for Big Dance ruins millions of brackets

Kentucky head coach John Calipari made a fatal error this week; forgetting to RSVP his 34-0 Kentucky Wildcats to the Big Dance.

“The RSVP was sitting on the table. I had filled it out and everything I just forgot to drop it in the mailbox.” Calipari lamented.

As a result Kentucky’s season comes to an end without a National Championship and millions of March Madness brackets have been ruined.

“We are obviously disappointed.” stated NCAA president Mark Emmert “Kentucky looked to be one of the best teams in the country, but rules are rules. And if we let them get away with not RSVP’ing then where does it all end? We begin to see the beginning of a lack of institutional control, And we at the NCAA will not stand for that.”

“It’s definitely a dark day in Lexington.” Calipari told reporters “But wait until they see the recruiting class that I’m bringing in next year.”


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