Julius Thomas struggles to keep a straight face as he says “It’s not about the money”

As he addressed the media following his new contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars former Broncos tight end Julius Thomas tried to keep a straight face.

“This isn’t about the money. I truly feel like they are building a Super Bowl contender in Jacksonvi….oh nevermind. Who am I kidding? Ha ha! Of course it’s about the money! Are you out of your mind?  $20.5 million dollars? Seriously?  I can’t stay healthy! I have the ankles of a 90 year old man. I don’t even know who the quarterback is down there in Jacksonville! Blaine Gabbert? Blake Bortles? Tim Tebow?  Beats me! Who cares? I just got paid!”

When asked if it would be an adjustment to not be a playoff contender Thomas responded “Oh you mean like how were in the playoffs last year? That lasted about five minutes. Now if you don’t mind, I have to go shopping for my new Florida mansion.”


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