“My bad bro.” -Josh Kroenke on the state of the Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets fired head coach Brian Shaw on Tuesday after Shaw led the team to a paltry 20-39 record so far this season. Shaw’s overall record with Denver is an abysmal 56-85 in just less than two seasons. The Nuggets are now in the middle of a six game losing streak and currently sit 13th in the Western Conference out of 15 teams.

It was just two short years ago that these same Nuggets finished 57-25 and were the Number 3 seed in the NBA Western Conference playoffs.

And then….Nuggets president Josh Kroenke took over the day to day operations.

On Tuesday afternoon when his father and team owner Stan Kroenke asked his son what had gone wrong with the team Joshes response was simple.

“My bad bro” and then went back to playing with his Denver Nuggets action figures.

When pressed if he was personally responsible for the coaching change decision Josh Kroenke went on the offensive.

“Leave me alone, all right? I’m like super busy doing president stuff in here! Gosh!”


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