Brock Osweiler: “Maybe it’s time to move on”

While both Denver Broncos management and fans alike are awaiting the decision of quarterback Peyton Manning there is at least one man in the middle of Broncoland who could care less.
“Maybe it’s time to move on.” said Brock Osweiler to this reporter.
Following the playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts, and a stretch run that saw Manning struggle physically, there has been much speculation as to whether or not he would return.
The Broncos are currently in the process of trying to revise Manning’s current contract to provide some salary cap relief. But Osweiler feels this is all a waste of everyone’s time.
“This team needs to move on. Hey, it was fun while it lasted and Peyton used to be great, but I think we now need to proceed forward with the next man in line for the job.” Osweiler continued.
The backup quarterback for the past three seasons, Osweiler does stand to gain the most should Manning decide not to come back. But that isn’t what’s driving him to speak out.
“I’m not saying it because I want the job. I just don’t think we should all be held hostage here while that big headed nerd makes up his mind. Besides, I don’t have a losing record in the playoffs. And I could be funny on Saturday Night Live too.”


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